Important Updates from RI Board of Directors


The 2022-23 RI Board of Directors met on 25 May 2023 and the 2023-24 Board met on 2 June 2023 before taking office on 1 July, with such decisions being effective only on 1 July 2023.

Below are important excerpts from the RI Board meetings.

The Board encouraged districts to organize district-wide “prospective member” information meetings and orientation events for new members.

  • The Board in recognizing that consistent brand messaging and visual identity are critical to improving awareness and understanding of Rotary,
  • urged that “visual identity” be part of Rotary training for club presidents, district governors, and public image coordinators.
  • agreed that Rotary public image coordinators and district governors are responsible and accountable for maintaining brand fidelity in their districts/regions.
  • encouraged a culture of brand champions among club leaders.
  • added Rotary image and brand compliance goals to the Goal Center on Rotary Club Central to foster brand compliance accountability among Rotary club leaders.
  • requested that only those clubs (or Rotary-affiliated entities) that are brand compliant be featured in Rotary media outlets.
  • agreed that all Rotary events be “on brand” compliant and requested the general secretary to enforce this brand compliance.