Our Rotary district was established under the name of the “Eastern Mediterranean District”, which was at the very beginning, of 1929.

The name was changed several times; on the 1st of July 1935 changed to “District D”, 1936 to District “83”, 1949 to District “89” and in 1957 to “District 195” and in 1977 to District “245”.

In 1991 the name of our district became District 2450. In the year 1969, Rotary has been stopped in Syria and the District remained with only nine countries: Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Cyprus, Georgia, Bahrain, U.A.E, Sudan and Armenia.

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Being the second biggest Rotary International District around the world, consisting of nine countries from three different continents “Africa, Asia and Europe” with six spoken languages:- Arabic, French, English, Russian, Armenian and Greek, our District was characterized by being away of any racism or discrimination according to race, color, religion or nationality.

In 2013, the district was split and District 2452 was formed to include the countries of Armenia, Bahrain, Cyprus, Georgia, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Sudan and UAE