UAE Hosting COP28

District Governor Bashar Haddad, along with DGE Hussain Al-Jaziri, DDG Yassin Jafar, and the Association of Rotary Clubs in UAE, proudly welcomed Rotary International President Gordon McInally, Chair of TRF Trustees Barry Rassin, and Rotary CEO John Hewko to the district for the prestigious COP28 event held in Dubai. This marks the first time the Conference of the Parties (COP) is being hosted within the district.

The event kicked off with a warm reception, as DG Bashar extended a gracious welcome to the distinguished guests. The esteemed leaders engaged in discussions about Rotary’s ongoing initiatives, shared insights on global service projects, and explored opportunities for further collaboration to make a lasting impact on communities worldwide.

Highlighting the camaraderie within the Rotary community, a grand Rotary gala dinner was organized by the Assocation of Rotary Clubs in UAE, attracting Rotarians and their families from UAE and around the world. The evening was filled with fellowship, and a shared commitment to Rotary’s mission of service above self. It demonstrated the work that promising work that has been done by the Rotary Clubs in UAE.

DG Bashar expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to host such a momentous event, stating, “It is an honor to have President McInally, Chair Rassin, and CEO Hewko join us for COP28 in Dubai. This gathering not only strengthens our bond as Rotarians but also emphasizes our shared dedication to making a positive difference in the world. We look forward to fostering even greater collaboration and achieving remarkable milestones together.”

Rotary Senior officers and DG Bashar were touched by the warm welcoming of DGE Hussein Jaziri and the well organization of the Rotary activities by the Association of Rotary Clubs in UAE, led by DDG Yassin Jafar.

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