Cervical Cancer Awareness: Rotary Club Zahle-Békaa Hosts Expert Lecture

The Rotary Club of Zahlé-Békaa hosted Dr. Richard Kharrat, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, for an awareness lecture titled “Diagnosis and Prevention of Cervical Cancer in Women” at Zahle Hall in the Municipal Palace.

The event commenced with the national anthem and a welcoming address from the secretary, Eng. Samar Saba. Subsequently, Club President Kareen Sabbagh delivered a speech, acknowledging notable attendees such as Assistant Governor Dr. Lebanon Abou Madi, the founding president of the Rotary Club of Zahlé-Békaa, and president of the RC Montreal Cedars Ms. Maha Maalouf Kassouf. P. Kareen Sabbagh then introduced Dr. Richard Kharrat, a vibrant and optimistic graduate of Saint Joseph University, who specializes in obstetrics and gynecology.

She underscored Rotary’s role in community education and its contribution of $2 million to HPV vaccination for young women in Rotary District 2451 in Egypt, facilitated by Rotary International.

Dr. Richard Kharrat delivered an extensive lecture on the severity of cervical cancer, noting recent studies that indicate it accounts for 60% of fatal cases. He emphasized the significance of prevention through regular screenings and early HPV vaccination.

The lecture excelled in providing accurate medical insights and addressing attendees’ inquiries effectively. Following the lecture, participants were encouraged to engage in a campaign offering free vaginal smears and to register at the health care center in Hosh Al Zara’neh.

Concluding the event, President Kareen Sabbagh honored Dr. Kharrat with a token of appreciation for his significant contribution and encouraged women to prioritize their health. The evening culminated with a friendly dinner on the spacious terrace of Grand Kadri Hotel, extending hospitality to the audience.

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