Breast Cancer Exhibition with RAC Muharraq

The Rotaract Club of Muharraq participated in the Breast Cancer Exhibition at the Royal University of Women on October 18, 2023. As medical students, their booth was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Salmaniya which aimed to raise awareness about breast cancer, educate visitors about the meaning of the pink ribbon, and emphasize the importance of regular screenings.

The booth provided comprehensive information on breast cancer, including its prevalence and impact.
The symbolic meaning of the pink ribbon was explained, highlighting its role in fostering support and hope for breast cancer patients and survivors.
The significance of regular screenings in detecting breast cancer early and improving treatment outcomes was emphasized.
Visitors were encouraged to engage with local support groups and initiatives that provide assistance to those affected by breast cancer.
The booth aimed to empower visitors to take action by spreading awareness, promoting healthy lifestyle choices, and encouraging loved ones to undergo screenings.

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