Rotary Club Beirut Liberty held their Handover Ceremony at Ritage Restaurant

The Handover Ceremony in Rotary represents the transfer of leadership and responsibility from one president to the next. On June 22nd, Rotary Club Beirut Liberty held their Handover Ceremony at Ritage Restaurant. The event was attended by District Governor George Azar, past District Governor Jamil Moawad, Assistant Governor Samar Salman, Incoming Assistant Governor for 2023-2024 May Khodor, and RCBL advisor PP Souad Assaf. Outgoing president Latife Nakadi gave a speech highlighting the club’s achievements and main projects completed throughout the year. She also mentioned the four awards received by the club at the District Conference held in Phoenicia. District Governor George Azar emphasized the importance of continuity in Rotary and praised the president’s exceptional efforts, as well as the dedication and accomplishments of the club members over the past year. During the ceremony, DG George Azar inducted a new member, Mirreile Choufani, into the club. Outgoing president Latife then passed the gavel to incoming president Amal Richani, who delivered a speech outlining the goals and vision for the Rotary year 2023-2024, emphasizing the significance of Rotary’s humanitarian and community projects in making a positive impact on society. Latife Nakadi received an award of appreciation from all Beirut Liberty members for her outstanding efforts. In return, President Latife and the Board presented two appreciation awards to Assistant Governor Samar Salman and club advisor PP Souad Assaf for their invaluable support to the club. Latife Nakadi also awarded Amal Richani and Mona Rasamny with two appreciation awards in recognition of their dedication and perseverance. The ceremony was attended by current and past presidents and family members.

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