New EarlyAct Club Opens in Bahrain

In joint cooperation between the Bahrain Rotary Club of Seef Bahrain and Britus International School, an EarlyAct club was established under the sponsorship and supervision of the Rotary Club of Seef Bahrain.

In a joint ceremony held by the school on January 28, 2024, the student members of Britus Bahrain EarlyAct and its board of directors were introduced. The EarlyActors presented their plans and goals for the academic year.

The President of RCSB Adnan Alameer, and members of the club’s Board of Directors presented the Rotary Certificate to EarlyAct Student Board of Directors the establishment of the Britus Bahrain EarlyAct Club.

The ceremony included speeches on this occasion from the presidents of the two, in which they discussed the importance of establishing EarlyAct Club in the school and to provide opportunities for students to get involved in their community and make a difference under the slogan of Rotary International.

The school principal Mr. Gary Gibbons, also concluded this meeting by welcoming this joint cooperation, indicating the desired benefit from it in the long term and its positive impact on the new generations represented by the school and its students. Thanking the Rotary Club of Seef Bahrain for their cooperation and sponsorship of this club.

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