Drinking Water Rehabilitation at UNRWA Schools

On December 27, 2023, the Rotary Club Amman Jerash, with the presence and support of DG Bashar Haddad completed and delivered a comprehensive sanitation and hygienic drinking water system to the UNRWA Boys School at Gaza Refugee Camp in Jerash. This facility is poised to enhance the well-being of 2500 students and educators by ensuring access to clean drinking water. To meet the escalating demand, the facility underwent extensive rehabilitation. Four stainless steel coolers, each with a capacity of 40 liters were installed, along with 3 large new tanks capable of holding 6000 liters. Additionally, a reverse osmosis (RO) was installed providing a daily supply of 1500 liters of purified water. The project encompassed the installation of new pipes, replacement of outdated fittings, and the provision of filters for the school’s needs over the next two years. Furthermore, a secure and safe steel cabinet was erected for storage and protection of filters. In a commitment to sustainability, a specialized drainage system was built to collect the wastewater or gray water in a dedicated reservoir. This water resource is recycled to be utilized for irrigation and cleaning purposes, contributing to a more conscious and efficient water usage system.

We emphasized to the school authorities the importance of ongoing maintenance to ensure the longevity of the system and to consistently monitor the water quality. The facility’s funding and sponsorship were made possible through a grant from Rotary District 2452, further bolstered by the generous contributions of members of the Rotary Club Amman Jerash. This initiative represents just one among many projects undertaken by the Rotary Club in the realms of health, education, environment, and water. The club is committed to investing in water, recognizing its fundamental role in sustaining life, and advocates for universal access to clean water, regardless of geographical location.

Expressions of gratitude were extended by the Rotary Club Amman Jerash to the UNRWA officials and Boys School Headmasters for their warm hospitality and collaborative efforts in facilitating and supporting the project. In turn, the school headmasters and UNRWA officials conveyed their appreciation to the Rotary Club Amman Jerash for the successful and high-quality completion of the project.

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