District Governor Conducts His Official Visit to RC Khartoum

District 2452 Governor Bashar Haddad had his online Official Visit with Sudan’s Rotary Club of Khartoum’s President Isam Gasim & members of the club, on Sunday 10 March 2024, with Deputy District Governor & Assistant Governor Lucy Makram.

District Governor Bashar presented his team, who were on the call: District Secretary Jeries Shahin; District Executive Farah Rihani; District Governor’s Aides: for Learning Affairs Samar Saab; for Committees’ Coordination Diala Alami; & for Youth Rosa Shahin; as well as the social media chair Ruba Sakakini.

The club members are scattered all over the world after Sudan’s war.

DG Bashar listened to their projects and needs, and he promised them that they could all count on him and that he would be, along with his team, at their full disposal. He wished them the best of luck!

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