District Governor Bashar Haddad commenced his visits to the clubs by visiting the clubs in Armenia

District Governor Bashar Haddad commenced his visits to the clubs by visiting the clubs in Armenia, accompanied by his wife Mais. The visit started on Sunday the 3rd of September by visiting the Rotary Clubs of Yerevan, Yerevan Generation, Yerevan Cosmopolitan, Yerevan Ararat, Yerevan Panarmenian, and Yerevan International. The Governor was warmly welcomed by the clubs and met with their boards of directors. It was followed by Club Assemblies where the Governor encouraged the clubs to create more hope in the world. The day also featured a visit to Spitak City Children Rehabilitation Center, a project of RC Yerevan.

The second day started by visiting the historical city of Echmiadzine, followed by meetings with RC Yerevan International & Yerevan Generation. Afterward, DG Bashar visited one of the implemented projects of RC Yerevan Cosmopolitan and Yerevan International, the Palliative Clinic which is being implemented through a global grant. The day was concluded by a meeting with RC Yerevan Panarmenian.

The 3rd day of the visit was to the city of Gyumri, where DG Bashar was greeted by RC Gyumri and escorted to visit Poghosyan Art School, and a visit to a project by RC Gyumri, a dental clinic where he was gifted with a symbolic gift that represents creativity and hospitality, an on-the-spot portrait of himself on a coffee cup. The visit was followed by a meeting with RC Gyumri.

The last day of the visit was to Vanadzor, where it featured a meeting with RC Vanadzor and a visit to Vanadzor botanical garden.

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