DG Bashar Haddad continues visiting the Rotary Club of Jordan

DG Bashar Haddad continues visiting Rotary Club of Jordan

District Governor (DG) Bashar Haddad continued his visit tour in Jordan on September 26th and 28th, connecting with Rotary clubs in Jordan. These visits aimed to strengthen Rotary’s mission and inspire members to engage actively in service projects.

On September 26th, District Governor Bashar Haddad visited three clubs: Rotary Club of Amman and Rotary Club of Amman Metropolitan, Rotary Club of Jordan Eco

He emphasized Rotary’s global initiatives and encouraged active participation in community service. He discussed the power of collaboration in addressing humanitarian issues and building a better community.

On September 28th, DG Bashar Haddad continued his mission with visits to three more Rotary clubs:

Rotary Club of Amman Petra, Rotary Club of Amman Philadelphia, Rotary Club of Amman Citadel.

He encouraged adaptability and impactful projects that address community needs. He stressed Rotary’s role in promoting peace and international goodwill. He commended the club’s dedication to education and cultural preservation.

DG Bashar Haddad’s visits strengthened Rotary’s values and encouraged members to make a lasting impact in their communities and beyond. He will also continue visiting clubs in Jordan at later dates.

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