BAHRAIN CARES – A Journey from War Within to Self-Love

Project BAHRAIN CARES (ideated and led by PP. Tanima CK, along with the support of President Hassam and the project team comprising 8 members), brought together individuals who came to express their solidarity by signing a pledge with their handprints. 🖐️ Gathering over 300 handprints 🖐️

Participants embarked on a journey of self-reflection, delving into their inner feelings surrounding the humanitarian crises. They selected a color that resonated with their feelings of peace, freedom, harmony, kindness, love, and friendship, and imprinted their handprint on a board, symbolizing their commitment to these values.

Following this introspective exercise, participants engaged in meaningful conversations, seeking guidance in managing their emotions and gaining valuable insights from mental health professionals. They also received a free basic health checkup, with a period of self-reflection on a swing, and the event concluded by lighting a candle allowing participants to complete their journey towards self-love.

We are deeply grateful to everyone who supported Project BAHRAIN CARES’ mission to create a world where everyone has access to peace, freedom, friendship, love, kindness, and harmony.

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