Aramoun Civil Defense Refurbishment Project with RC Aley West

Aligned with the core values and principles of Rotary clubs, and our unwavering dedication to the security and well-being of our community, the members of the Rotary Club of Aley West inaugurated, on Saturday 23rd March 2024, the Aramoun Civil Defense Refurbishment Project. They delivered fire axes, hammers, hooligans, firefighters suites, fire hoses, and a ladder to the Civil Defense, Aramoun station.
This initiative came to fruition through the commitment of the club’s President Lena Nakadi, and the collective efforts of its members. A special thank you was extended to the Rotary Club of Bruxelles-Vesale, whose generous contribution facilitated the acquisition of the needed equipment.
The provision of this equipment marks a significant step towards enhancing the capabilities of the civil defense in tackling challenges and emergencies with utmost efficiency and effectiveness. It underscores Rotary Club of West Aley’s steadfast belief in the paramount importance of investing in the security and safety of the civil defense volunteers, recognizing them as foundational elements for societal progress and prosperity.
Members of the administrative board of Rabitat Sayyidat Aramoun joined us to celebrate this project’s inauguration for the well deserving heroes, the civil defense volunteers!

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