District 2452 Responds

Welcome to Rotary District 2452. We thank you for your intention to support our efforts to offer humanitarian aid in 4 areas of our district which are in direct need.

Most pressing and important at this stage is the aid we so desperately need to organise and supply to Gaza, as well as South Lebanon refugees which are currently the areas affected.

But we cannot ignore that for a few months now 120,000 Armenians from Nagorno-Karabach have had to evacuate their homes and move to mainland Armenia, where our clubs have little means to supply direct and perishable aid.

Neither can we ignore the refugees who have fled the Sudan for our neighbouring sister District 2451. Refugees with very little to look forward to and with a great need to find the essentials for survival. 

We have set up a district-administered fund to try to meet those immediate and intermediate needs in our District.

We endeavour that the Rotary world will assist us in reaching a point when we can invest their financial support in meaningful Rotary Foundation Global Grants.