Awards Rules & Regulations

  1. The Deadlines for uploading the Awards applications on the district website are as follows:
    • April 4th 2020: Youth Award
    • April 6th 2020: Service Projects Award
    • April 8th 2020: Membership Development Award
    • April 10th 2020: The Rotary Foundation Award
    • April 12th 2020: Club Administration Award
    • April 14th 2020: Public Image Award
  2. Kindly note these are the deadlines, please adhere to them. By the end of each of the deadlines’ periods, uploading of new documents will be blocked.
  3. In case a project is not completed by the day of its reporting deadline, documents should be presented to explain the legitimate reason for the delay, and confirm beyond any doubt that the project will be implemented before 30 June 2020.
  4. Where applicable list names, dates, events locations, names of participants etc. and add photos as well as copies of correspondence and other documents relevant to the activities described.
  5. Clubs are encouraged to start submitting their awards reports on the district website as early as possible and on completion of each of their activities. Any reports and/or documents uploaded to the District Website can be edited, changed, or deleted any time before the reporting deadlines explained in point I.
  6. For any questions or help on using the District website, please contact the District Web Team:
    • District IT Chair : PP. Aref AlAref 
    • Governor Aid/ Governor’s Newsletter Editor: PP Jeries Shahin 
  7. The Awards Process goes as follows:
    1. Each Award will be uploaded with the attachments requested on the district website on due time and before deadline.
    2. The AG for each club will initialize the award accordingly.
    3. The Awards Country Chair with his/her committee will review the awards and then submit the results to the District Awards Chair.
  8. The Criteria for winning:
    • all clubs whose contribution attains ≥ 90% of the total criteria points shall receive a
    • all clubs whose contribution attains between 80% and 89% of the total criteria points shall receive a

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