The Rotary Club of Tripoli Mina organized a boat trip to the Palm Islands from 1 till 7 pm dedicated for Polio awareness. We flew the End Polio Now flags and wore T-shirts and Caps in order to raise awareness to other people in their boats around us and on the Palm Islands - not to forget social media. 

Rotary Club of Tripoli Maarad hanged a huge banner in one of the main city's buildings to spread awareness about Polio eradication

October 24, 2019
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Tripoli Explores Polio

A Day in Tripoli was an event organized by Rotary Club of Tripoli on Sunday 13/10/2019. More than 70 Rotarians wearing End Polio Now T-Shirts were touring Tripoli, exploring the city as never seen before. The group visited the old souks of Tripoli, tasted the delicious food of the old restaurants all over the city and experienced the generosity of the beautiful Tripolitans citizens.  

RC Beirut Cosmopolitan is in the final stages to establish an Interact Club. Till then, our Young potential Interact members have chosen Polio as first activity for their club. They have prepared the attached Video that was heavily shared on Social Media and other social media platforms. The attached video covers what is Polio, vaccination,  promotion of  the accomplishments of Rotary, how to learn more and where to donate. 

Moveover, a session was presented by PP Habib Bassoul on October 15th, 2019 during which PP Bassoul presented the accomplishments of Rotary to eradicate Polio from the world. 

During the session PP Habib also played the video and other material prepared by Rotary International  related to End Polio Now . 

Rotary has been working to eradicate polio for more than 30 years (since 1985). We as the Rotary Club of Kyrenia St. Hilarion, organised several fund raising and rising awareness activities due to 24 October being the World Polio Day. Eradicating Polio from the surface of the world is one of the most important mission of the Rotary.

On 20 October 2019, Our Past President Sertaç Gümüş ran 10K in Lefkoşa (Nicosia) Marathon with his ‘I Ran To End Polio’ slogan red t-shirt. On the same day the members of Rotary Club of Kyrenia St. Hilarion participated in the 4K march with "End Polio" printed t-shirts.  

During the march, club’s 2019-20 president Bedia Kale had a short interview with a local TV station and talked about Polio awarenes and activities of Rotary Club of Kyrenia St. Hilarion.

"End Polio" fund raising dinner was held on 24 October 2019 organized by Rotary Club of Kyrenia St. Hilarion together with the Rotary Club of Kyrenia Liman. Income generated from this activity with the sale of several raffle tickets and from the sale of an auction of an "End Polio" printed t-shirt is being donated to the Rotary Polio Fund. Guest speaker Cypriot Mrs. İnci Erdemel who had contracted polio when she was only 1.5 years old back in the early 1960’s shared her experiences and difficuties with this illness. hile talking about polio in the night. On the same day Mrs. İnci Erdemel and IP Alev Alp attended a Can Gazi’s A Cup of conversation local TV (BRT) program recording and this will be aired on 6 November 2019.

In the meanwhile ‘End Polio’ awareness posters were displayed at some bus stops of Lefkoşa (Nicosia) capital city of North Cyprus.

Rotary Clubs in Jordan organized and celebrated many activities in October to spread awareness about Polio Eradication and Rotary's role in this global endeavour


Polio Walk

Under the patronage of HRH Princess Basma bin Ali, Rotary Clubs in Jordan co-organized and walked together in a community walk aimed to spread awareness about Polio. The walk was covered by local newspapers, TV Stations, as well as huge social media coverage. The walk was further acknowledged by PRID Jennifer Jones and she sent a message to support Jordanian Rotarians. The walk went around the King Hussein Park in Dabouq area and ended up in the International Academy - Amman (IAA) where all the attendees enjoyed a delicious breakfast meal.


Polio Dinner

The Rotary Club of Amman Metropolitan organized a fund raising dinner that aimed to raise funds to support the global efforts in eradicating Polio


Vaccinating Children

Rotary Club of Amman Jordan River participated with Doctors in the health center to vaccinate children and eradicate polio. The team presented brochures to the patients coming to the center and spread awareness about Polio


End Polio Signs

Rotary Club of Amman Capital has put a sign in one of the roundabouts in Jordan to emphasize on the work of Rotary in eradicating Polio





Rotary Club Tbilisi Ambassador joined EndPolioNow - Our President Nino Jokhadze conducted a lesson about Polio to her primary school students and prepared a special Frame with them. Then they took photos together. In the evening our members and friends went to one of the crowded places and took photos using the frame to raise awareness of people about Polio and the Biggest Role of Rotary in eradication of it. 

To take their share in eradicating Polio, the Rotary Club of Dubai donated a total of 25,000USD to the Rotary Foundation towards eradicating Polio globally.

نظم نادي روتاري زحلة والبقاع نشاطا تحت عنوان " لا لشلل الأطفال" للتوعية من مخاطر هذا الفيروس الذي يصيب الاطفال بشكل خاص وذلك في مركز منتدى المقعدين زحلة وبالاشتراك مع قطيع موغلي الشجاع التابع لجمعية الكشاف اللبناني فوج زحلة رابعة. تضمن النشاط عرض فيلم وثائقي عن الفيروس وعن دور المنظمة الروتارية العالمية في مكافحته لسنوات، اعدته امينة السر كارين صباغ ، تلاه كلمة لرئيس النادي طوني ابونعوم شكر فيها الحاضرين والمنظمين ، مرحبا بالدكتور جوليان لطيف ورئيسة واعضاء منتدى المقعدين ، وقطيع موغلي الشجاع مشيدا بالدور الذي تقوم به اندية الروتاري في المنطقة الروتارية ٢٤٥٢ ومن بينها نادي روتاري زحلة والبقاع على صعيد التوعية لمكافحة هذا المرض.

بعدها تحدث الدكتور جوليان لطيف اخصائي في طب الاطفال موضحا للاطفال كيفية انتقال الفيروس والمراحل التي يمر بها المصاب وكيفية الوقاية منه وطرق العلاج المتوفرة. تلاه شهادة حياة للانسة اليان خاتشو رئيسة منتدى المقعدين التي شاركت الاطفال تجربتها كونها اصيبة بهذا الفيروس عندما كانت طفلة والصعوبات التي مرت بها، مشيرة الى انها تحدت المرض وهي اليوم انسانة عادية تقود سيارتها وتدير شركتها.

واختتم اللقاء بقطع قالب من الحلوى والتقاط الصور التذكارية.

هذا وكان قد سبق النشاط توزيع ٥٠٠٠ منشور للتوعية عن هذا الفيروس لرواد المطاعم والمقاهي في مدينة زحلة

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