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District Governor's Message - March 2020

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Early this Month, our great PDG Dr. Raouf Abu Jaber, the Rotary Founder in Jordan, the Honorary President of the Renaissance Society passed away. He was one of the elders of the Orthodox Church ... and a prominent flag of the national struggle ... and a symbol of Islamic Christian reconciliation, and a stubborn fighter in defending national unity - who believed in twinning Jordan and Palestine ... and defended the Arab civilized identity. Abu Ziad spent about half a century of tireless work and continuous struggle working on flourishing the importance of the Orthodox Church and preserving the sanctity of sacred sites and great historical monuments, especially Holy Jerusalem ... He also stood firmly in support to achieve the goals and care of the Holy Land’s Children without tiredness or boredom.
Our PDG an authentic Arab Jordanian Christian Orthodox and he had roughneck that does not accept bargaining for truth, and was not afraid to tell the truth, a committed Arab nationalist, defender of the holy sites, endowments and Orthodox property in Jordan and Palestine.

I am talking about, the historian, the struggler, the teacher, the businessman, the writer, the thinker, or the human, the father, the loving husband.

He makes from every event a meaning, and every occasion a philosophy. Dr. Raouf Abu Jaber has donated to build a center for women’s studies. When I asked him why you did that? His answer was “to develop a society that is dependent on the woman and her culture”, and what I liked most in his answer was that the most people who affected in his life were three women, his mother RIP, his wife, may God grant her healthy life and his daughter Basma to see in this center the future of Jordan, so this was his Philosophy.

I would like to quote the obituary of PDG Farid Gibran & Rita Gibran “The master of the word, the prince of the tribunes, the situation has a sword in the face of falsehood. He lived great, and left large, leaving a legacy of weight.” and “you are immortal in what you produced”.

My dear Abu Ziad, May God rest you in Peace.


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