In 2019 Rotary Clubs Rustavi international and Tbilisi Ambassador joined Global Teachers prize supporters team in Georgia. Clubs gave prize to member of top 10-teachers Melori Tskvitaia. During award ceremony it was TV and Facebook broadcasting and lot of interested people aware that Georgian Rotary clubs supported Teachers award.

Rotary Club Tbilisi Ambassador joined EndPolioNow - Our President Nino Jokhadze conducted a lesson about Polio to her primary school students and prepared a special Frame with them. Then they took photos together. In the evening our members and friends went to one of the crowded places and took photos using the frame to raise awareness of people about Polio and the Biggest Role of Rotary in eradication of it. 

District Governor's visits started as early as the 1st of July. DG Shawkat Tadros and his spouse Inas were enroute to Georgia and Armenia on the 1st of July to Georgia and Armenia to commence the visits of the year. The Rotarians in both countries were very delighted to have the governor amongst them. 

The visit started on the 1st of July by visiting RC Tbilisi Academia followed by RC Rustavi International. During the visits to Rustavi, the Governor visited a project made by the club. The second day featured a visit to the RCs Tbilisi Ambassador and Tbilisi International. 

On the 3rd day, the Governor and his spouse, along with PP Bashar Asfour, headed to Armenia and started the visits by visiting RC Vanazdor and their project and RC Gyumri and their project. The 4th day featured the visit to the clubs of Yerevan (Yerevan, Yerevan Panarmenian, Yerevan Ararat & Yerevan International) along with the Rotaract clubs in Yerevan (Yerevan & Yerevan International). It was followed on the 5th day by a visit to a heart touching project implemented by RC Yerevan in a village close to the Azerbeijan borders. The delegation returned afterwards to Georgia, where it visited the projects of RC Tbilisi Ambassador (in Surami) and RC Tbilisi International

 The governor was fascinated and impressed by the Armenian and Georgian clubs and their Rotary spirit.

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