Rotary Clubs in Jordan organized and celebrated many activities in October to spread awareness about Polio Eradication and Rotary's role in this global endeavour


Polio Walk

Under the patronage of HRH Princess Basma bin Ali, Rotary Clubs in Jordan co-organized and walked together in a community walk aimed to spread awareness about Polio. The walk was covered by local newspapers, TV Stations, as well as huge social media coverage. The walk was further acknowledged by PRID Jennifer Jones and she sent a message to support Jordanian Rotarians. The walk went around the King Hussein Park in Dabouq area and ended up in the International Academy - Amman (IAA) where all the attendees enjoyed a delicious breakfast meal.


Polio Dinner

The Rotary Club of Amman Metropolitan organized a fund raising dinner that aimed to raise funds to support the global efforts in eradicating Polio


Vaccinating Children

Rotary Club of Amman Jordan River participated with Doctors in the health center to vaccinate children and eradicate polio. The team presented brochures to the patients coming to the center and spread awareness about Polio


End Polio Signs

Rotary Club of Amman Capital has put a sign in one of the roundabouts in Jordan to emphasize on the work of Rotary in eradicating Polio





H.E. Mrs. Haifa Najjar was the main guest speaker at the joint meeting of Rotary Club of Amman Jordan River, Rotary Club of Amman Petra & Rotary Club of Amman Citadel on Tuesday the 3rd of September 2019.

President Rana Rizkallah opened the meeting welcoming H.E. Mrs. Haifa Najjar & Past President Ehab Kilani, the Sergeant at Arms welcomed the Guest Speaker & the Presidents, Rotarians & their guests.

The membership committee chairman, Past President Raja Ishaq introduced Ms. Lina Karaa who is a Rotarian & Past President of RC Amman Capital & who is joining RC Amman Jordan River; then President Rana Rizkallah accompanied by Assistant Governor Jamal Masa'deh & PP Raja Ishaq, presented the new member with the Rotary pin, all Rotarians & their guests stood up in respect for this important occasion.

Yousef Batshon, President of the Rotary Club of Amman Petra welcomed the Speaker on behalf of all Attendees but Mrs. Najjar asked to introduce herself not in her formal capacity as member of the Upper House of Parliament but as an educator, a mother, a wife & an empowered woman who has a plan & vision for rejuvenating The Enlightened Jordan, the Country of Diversity, Tolerance & the many other traits of Jordan & Jordanians that were always advocated & expressed in the legacy of H.M. The Late King Hussein & the Hashemites.

H.E. Mrs. Najjar spoke about: "The Education We Want; Developing the Education System to Change the Future".

President of RC Amman Citadel Raed Massis moderated the interactive session of questions & answers that followed the presentation.

Rotarian Musab Abu Taha from RC Amman Citadel thanked the Guest Speaker on behalf of the Presidents, Rotarians & Guests, summarizing the speech of Mrs. Najjar in a few sentences; Mrs. Najjar asked to take the brief & use it again in a friendly gesture thanking Rotarian Musab & taking a photo with him.

At the end of the meeting, President Rana presented H.E. Mrs. Najjar with a certificate of appreciation on behalf of all three clubs.

A group photo was taken to commemorate this event then all Rotarians celebrated the birthdays of Club Secretary Manal Nammari & Past President Nabil Salloum in an atmosphere of friendship & fellowship.

The Handover Ceremony of the Rotary Club of Amman Jordan River took place this evening Tuesday the 25th of June 2019 at Amman Rotana Hotel.

The Ceremony was attended by many guests, Rotarians, family members & friends of the Club.

President Siham Masad welcomed Assistant Governor Michel Fasheh, Incoming Assistant Governor Jamal Masadeh & Incoming President Rana Rizkallah.

PP Hakem Sourani welcomed fellow Rotarians & Guests then President Siham presented the Administrative Report in a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the achievements of the Club during the year 2018-2019 including the main Service Projects which were carried out and the Global Grant for the Dental Clinic in Rabba, Kerak.

Assistant Governor Michel Fasheh addressed the Club thanking all Rotarians for their hard work & commitment & President Siham Masad for her leadership & success in achieving the Club goals & receiving many District Awards; he also wished Incoming President Rana Rizkallah a great year 2019-2020.

President Siham presented several Club members with Certificates of Appreciation for their outstanding service during the past year: PP Bisher Zureikat, PP Samir Nino, PP Ehab Kilani, PP Hakem Sourani, Rotarian Khaled Morally & Rotarian Ruba Sakakini.

President Siham presented the Incoming President Rana Rizkallah welcoming her to lead the Club for the year 2019-2020 & presented her with the Presidency Medal and the President's Rotary Pin.

President Siham adjourned the last meeting for the year 2018-2019 & rung the bell. President Rana Rizkallah opened the first meeting for the year 2019-2020 thanking Past President Siham Masad for her great leadership & presented her with a gift in the name of the Club.

President Rana made an opening speech about her vision for the new year and presented the calendar for the first 6 months of the year then closed the meeting and called for a group photo to commemorate this special day.

The District Governor visited some of the Jordanian clubs during July. The governor was received the Rotary Clubs of Amman Petra, Amman Citadel, Amman Capital, Amman Jordan River, Amman Philadelphia and Amman Jerash. The governor was delighted to hear about the plans and the projects that the clubs are planning to do.

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