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September 20, 2019
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DG Visit to Crypus

DG Shawkat had his official visit to the Cypriot clubs during the month of September, where he visited all the Cypriot clubs. During his meetings with them, he encouraged them to give to the Rotary Foundation and make use of all its programs.

As part of the DG Shawkat's visits to the district clubs, he has conducted an official visit to the first group of the Lebanese clubs from 25th until the 30th of September. He commenced his visit in the charming city of Saida by visiting the project of RC Saida, followed by meetings with RC Tyre Europa and RC Saida, to be concluded by a joint dinner with both clubs. The second day witnessed meetings with the Boards of Directors of RCs Beirut Center, Beirut Cadmos and Sahel Metn, followed by a joint dinner with the three clubs. The 3rd day featured meetings with clubs in Beirut as well, namely Beirut Metropolitan, Beirut Hills Achrafieh & Beirut Cedars followed by a joint dinner amongst the three clubs. The 4th day was started by visiting RC Aley West along with a lunch with the club, followed by a meeting with RC Hammana Upper Metn and ending up in the lovely city of Chatoura by visiting Chatoura Bekaa Gate and dining with its members. The 5th was a continuation for the visit in the Bekaa region where he visited RC Zahle Bekaa and had lunch with its members. The last day was in Beirut, started with a meeting and lunch with RC de Beyrouth, followed by inaugurating RC Beirut Cedars "Horsh Thabet" project and concluded by a meeting and dinner with RC Aley.

The governor was highly impressed by the enthusiasm and the Rotary spirit of the Lebanese Rotarians and encouraged them to give more to the community and the Rotary Foundation. He expressed his sincere wishes to see all of them in the 7th District Conference that will be held in Amman.

للسنة الثانية على التوالي يقوم وفد من الأندية الروتارية في الاردن ولبنان بزيارة المنطقة الروتارية ٢٤٥١ -مصر- بدعوة من سعادة المحافظ الدكتور شريف والي ولجنة تبادل الصداقات برئاسة الروتاريان جان مطران ، وقد شارك الوفد في مؤتمر تنمية العضوية الذي عقد في فندق الفور سيزن بحضور ٧٧٧ من الروتاريين من مصر ولبنان والأردن والبحرين، كما شارك الوفد في عدة أجتماعات روتارية جمعت الكثير من الأندية في مصر وجرى عرض للمشاريع التي تم أنجازها وبحث الوفد الاردني مع عدة أندية في أمكانية أجراء تؤامة بين نوادي مصر ولبنان للتعاون على تنفيذ مشاريع تنموية وأنسانية كما جال الوفد على المعالم الاثرية والتاريخية في الاسكندرية والقاهرة ومن ضمنها مكتبة الاسكندرية العريقة وقصر المجوهرات والمتحف المصري والأهرامات ، وقد شكر الوفد الاردني جميع القيمين على تنظيم وتنفيذ برنامج تبادل الصداقة وعلى حسن الضيافة والمحبة التي أحيط بها الوفد الاردني .

The District Public Image Chair May Monla Chmaitilly has organized an Oscar Award Ceremony to recognize young Lebanese Achievers who made their big dreams come true. Kudos to Dr. Joyce Azzam who is the first Lebanese Lady to climb the 7 summits of the world and the 4th Arab woman as well, and to Dr. Alain Khayyat, the Scientist in Nasa Operating the NASA Curiosity rover currently on planet Mars. The Public Image Committee presented the Awards to the young achievers and to AG Ghassan Hajjar, who was the moderator and who has also climbed 4 summits , in the presence of Deputy District Governor Bana Kalash.

As a mountaineer, Joyce is the only Lebanese woman to have climbed over 29 mountains around the world, and to complete the Seven Summits as the First Lebanese woman after raising the Lebanese flag on the highest summit of each continent, including Everest. Her dream is to traverse the 2 poles (long distance) and become the 3rd woman in the world to complete the Explorers Grand Slam.

Through her mountaineering achievements, Joyce is keen to inspire girls and women to follow their dream and challenge themselves. #YESYOUCAN #InspireChange

Dr. Alain Khayyat , from Tripoli, is currently a scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and the Center for Research and Exploration in Space Science and Technology, in Mayland, USA. He researches the atmosphere of Mars and looks for current and past life on the red planet using the spacecrafts around Mars, and the largest telescopes in the world, located in Hawaii, and he operates the NASA Curiosity rover, currently on planet Mars.

“Lead The Change- Youth in Rotary” was the title of the Debate Workshop between Rotary and Rotaract that was held on Saturday August 31,2019 at Le Royal Hotel, Beirut.

The debate was attended by 50 Rotarians and 50 Rotaractors. The event was an innovation, a novelty and a revolution for both Rotary and Rotaract, following the updates of the Council on Legislation and the elevation of the status of Rotaract clubs.

We organized the workshop to engage Rotarians and Rotaractors in a vibrant atmosphere to know more about each other in order to pave the way for our future leaders into Rotary.

The workshop was an extraordinary success, and that’s because of many reasons. But I have to admit that one of the important reasons of this success goes back to the fact that the Organizing Committee of this workshop was created from Rotarians and Rotaractors.

We were working hand in hand and side by side with every single detail!

From Rotary: District Governor Shawkat Tadros, Rotary Coordinator Jamil Mouawad, District Membership Chair and Assistant Rotary Coordinator George Mitri Azar George Mitri Azar, Assistant Regional Rotary Foundation Chair Ahmad Husseinii, Deputy District Governor Bana Kalash, Past Deputy District Governors Samar R. Saab and George J Beyroutiti, Club Presidents and Members.

From Rotaract: District Rotaract Representative Taline Rashdan, Past District Rotaract Representative Jean-marc Adaimii, Past District Rotaract Representative Emil J. Moawad, Deputy District Rotaract Representative Hala Ghoussoub, Vice Deputy Rotary Representative Sirvat Bardakjian, Vice Deputy Rotary Representative Hadi Mroue, Club Presidents and Members.

Article & Pictures courtesy of PDG Jamil Mouawad

The District Governor visited some of the Jordanian clubs during July. The governor was received the Rotary Clubs of Amman Petra, Amman Citadel, Amman Capital, Amman Jordan River, Amman Philadelphia and Amman Jerash. The governor was delighted to hear about the plans and the projects that the clubs are planning to do.

District Governor's visits started as early as the 1st of July. DG Shawkat Tadros and his spouse Inas were enroute to Georgia and Armenia on the 1st of July to Georgia and Armenia to commence the visits of the year. The Rotarians in both countries were very delighted to have the governor amongst them. 

The visit started on the 1st of July by visiting RC Tbilisi Academia followed by RC Rustavi International. During the visits to Rustavi, the Governor visited a project made by the club. The second day featured a visit to the RCs Tbilisi Ambassador and Tbilisi International. 

On the 3rd day, the Governor and his spouse, along with PP Bashar Asfour, headed to Armenia and started the visits by visiting RC Vanazdor and their project and RC Gyumri and their project. The 4th day featured the visit to the clubs of Yerevan (Yerevan, Yerevan Panarmenian, Yerevan Ararat & Yerevan International) along with the Rotaract clubs in Yerevan (Yerevan & Yerevan International). It was followed on the 5th day by a visit to a heart touching project implemented by RC Yerevan in a village close to the Azerbeijan borders. The delegation returned afterwards to Georgia, where it visited the projects of RC Tbilisi Ambassador (in Surami) and RC Tbilisi International

 The governor was fascinated and impressed by the Armenian and Georgian clubs and their Rotary spirit.

July 05, 2019
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PETS in District 2452

District Governor Shawkat Tadros has been spending the first months of 2019 in visiting countries and conducting PETS. He was impressed by the level of enthusiasm the presidents showed which created an optimistic atmosphere for RY 2019-2020. Special thanks to all Rotarians who participated in organizing and training the presidetns

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