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Polio Day in Bahrain

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The Rotary Club of Sulmaniya organized a multi-stage polio day awareness project. It involves members' social media accounts, the Rotary Sulmaniya social media accounts, inviting a guest speaker to talk about polio during our lunch meeting and finally an awareness campaign walk in Avenues mall in Bahrain.

The timeline of the project:

  • Stage 1: The first part was to ask club members to use their social media accounts to spread awareness of Polio. Club members volunteered to upload polio flyers from Rotary International.
  • Stage 2: The second part of the campaign was the Rotary club of Sulmaniya official social media accounts uploading inspirational stories about people who were affected by Polio. Most of the stories were taken from the Rotarian Magazine and the Rotary International social media pages. Below 
  • Stage 3: On Wednesday 23rd October the Rotary club of Sulmaniya invited a guest speaker Dr. Mariam Al Hejari the Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health to update the members on the status of the polio virus in Bahrain.
  • Stage 4: Final stage of the project was an awareness campaign organized by the Rotary club of Sulmaniya members on Friday 25th of October at the Avenues Mall. Friday was chosen because its a weekend therefore, more people will be shopping at the mall and further increase exposure to the awareness campaign. Members were walking in Avenues mall passing out flyers that had information on the Polio virus

Visit our social media pages to find more information on our inspirational stories of people affected by polio, and our members spreading awareness.

Facebook page: @Rotaryofsulmaniya (

Instagram: @rotarysulmaniya

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